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 Imanselfcare is a self-care brand that consists of skin and body care products that are made from our Earth. Our Brand promotes confidence and kick starts our customer's journey into embracing their inner and outer glow.

Image by Josh Calabrese


I have dealt with stress and anxiety ever since I started high school. The stress of trying to get the best grades caught up with me. I wanted to find a way to try to achieve my goals in academics while regulating my mental health, and that was through practicing self-care. I would try all kinds of face washes, masks, and scrubs that I could find, but the only problem was that they would break me out and make me feel worse about myself. I later found out that I have very sensitive skin, and I can’t use just any product on my skin.
I realized that I couldn’t find one product that didn’t have some chemical product ( that I couldn’t pronounce) in the ingredients. After researching natural herbs and oils that are good for the skin, I decided to create my own products so I can really make sure that the products I am putting on my body won’t harm me. I wanted to make sure people around me aren’t being harmed as well; that’s when I came up with Imanselfcare!


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